RTL8720DM Logger, streaming ( wifi) and low power at the same time

Please, Any example to record external SPI ADC on local SD-card and streaming over WIFI at the same time with power optimisation for speed, battery…
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Hi Jean,

Can I first confirm with you which IC are you actually using?

There are RTL8720DN, RTL8722DM, but I DON’T think there is RTL8720DM

thanks for your reply.
It is the RTL8722DM with SDIO 4 bits support for the SD-card…

We are looking for an example to connect with any additionnal (24-32 bits )SPI adc , for high speed, and record locally at the same and streaming over Wifi…

Happy new year 2022 to Realtek team too.
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Thanks! Happy new year to you too~

There are examples available for SPI interfacing with external module, and also examples for storing data into the SD card, and also other examples for sending data over WiFi

Check out the link below,