Is it possible to adjust AMB82 MINI's camera focus in order to record objects that are close to the camera?


I am looking to capture high definition images of small objects (insects) close to the camera in a rigid setup. The camera will be fixed to a position that is 3-9 cm (exact distance to be determined) away from the subject.

Currently, the camera cannot focus on the insects at the specified range, so the images are too blurry to use in AI applications like classification. Is there any way to adjust the camera’s focus either through software or hardware so the images are focused?

I have tried other image enhancement options such as adjusting the sharpness, camera exposure, Jpeg quality, and bitrate but these tunable parameters were unable to increase the details of the close-up subject in a significant way. Other than the above settings and camera focus, are there any other methods you would suggest me try out to improve image quality?

If using this camera to perform the task I have in mind is a lost cause, I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend any camera that is compatible with this board that may be suitable for my task. Alternatively, any other camera-board module similar to the AMB82 MINI would work too.

Thank you for your assistance.

You can consider purchasing a lens module with motor focusing to achieve mechanical focusing. I think there should be a universal module in the security monitoring field that you can choose from, and then use IIC communication to control the focusing lens using amb82. I think this can be achieved

Thank you. I’ll try that out.

This is the demo I made to replace the electric zoom lens. The electric control lens part uses the iIC stepper motor driver chip. The sample circuit board has just arrived, and I will continue to verify the effect


Is that your lens setup using the original camera module (JX-F37) as a base? Now, I’m encountering with focus adjustment on original camera modules. Hope to remove the glue out from original lens and make some turns for closer object detection. Any suggestion?

I used a glue remover to remove the original ambmini lens holder, retaining only the original sensor, and then replaced it with an M14 lens holder, making it easy to replace various types of lenses