Realtek AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera Arduino Dev. board some functions is doesn't works

Hi everyone,
After we tested all functions, it followed the requirements, But some functions is doesn’t works. this question from our Dev teams:

  1. FreeRTOS SDK
    Could you please request an SDK from AMEBA for us?
  2. Rotate picture :
    we can rotate the picture and video is +90/-90 degree. but some requirements want to rotate 180 degree.
  3. OTA update.
    From a third party can OTA update by SD Card (ideas-hatch), Can you advise me about this solution?
  4. RTC wakeup source.
    From the Datasheet is N/A. Is it possible to work on this function?
  5. Etc.
    On Screen Display time stamp, text stoke, UART DMA . : How to use the API?


Dear @eicovvv31,

Welcome to AmebaIoT Forum and thanks for your interest in AMB82. :smiley:

To answer your questions:

  1. Currently there are 2 SDKs provided on our GitHub that support FreeRTOS SDK:

    Could you please specify which SDK you are currently using?

  2. You could try to call the rotate +90/-90 multiple times to achieve a 180-degree rotation.

  3. AMB82-mini OTA is supported and allows users to update images via HTTP/HTTPS/sd card. However, currently, these features are not released in the 2 SDKs provided above.

  4. We do have an RTC wakeup source for deep sleep mode provided in AmebaPro2 Arduino SDK DeepSleep.ino, you could take a look at this example. The guide for this example can be found here. And could you please specify which “datasheet” you are referring to?

  5. OSD(On Screen Display) time stamp, normal text display, and UART DMA are supported. However, you might need to specify the SDK version in Q1 that you are using before we could provide detailed solutions to your questions. And could you please elaborate on the usage of “text stoke” mentioned in your prev. questions?

Thanks for your reply.

Hi, We would like to access low level of arduino layer SDK ,Does it possible?
For rotation, it looks like arduino sdk set the rotation at the camera setting. So we cannot do the multiple rotation. Anyway if you have better way to achieve this, please suggest.

I saw you mentioned that the current SDK does not support OTA as it is the main feature of our product, do you have another way to support this?

And it’s the arduino 4.0.4 version SDK

Hi, currently we have not ported OTA to Arduino SDK yet. However, it is already available in the NDA sdk.

For accessing the lower-level Arduino SDK, you can proceed to go for the NDA option.

But we need company information from your customer as per requested on the website here.