I’m using AMB82 MINI with Arduino 4.0.4 SDK, and I wondering know how to rotate image in HTTPDisplayJPEGContinuous exaple? Thanks.

Hi @Po_Quan_Hsieh,

We have just added this function, however it is on the dev branch (GitHub - ambiot/ambpro2_arduino). If you would like to use the rotation function, you can download the following files and replace them in your Arduino15 folder.

  1. video_drv.c (cores folder)
  2. video_drv.h (cores folder)
  3. VideoStream.cpp (src folder)
  4. VideoStream.h (src folder)

For example, you can add the line highlighted.

0 (default): 0 degree
1: 90 degree (Rotate Right)
2: 90 degree (Rotate Left)
3: 180 degree

This function will be officially released in our next release, v4.0.5.

Thank you!

Hi @pammyleong,
Thanks for your reply, it works perfectly!