Realtek AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera Arduino Dev. board video freeze

I am able to compile and upload the example sketch that comes with the drivers in Arduino. The board works as intended for about 10 to15 minutes. Then the video freezes. I can still hear the audio, bu the video has frozen and does not restart. is this a known defect or is there a better driver ? What is the problem I am seeing ?

May I know which Arduino SDK version are you using? Thank you.

I only upload this example in arduino ide, which shows up as version 4.0.3 in the arduino ide board manager:

This is what I am using.

Are there any updates?

Hi @Google_Sux and @eicovvv31,

There are a couple of factors that may have caused the video to freeze. One thing to take note of is to check the quality of your WiFi connection, and also remember to ensure that the antenna is attached to your AmebaPro2 board.

You may also try to increase the caching time in VLC to 100ms.

We have a night version of the next version, v4.0.4 (also known as the pre-release version), for the Arduino SDK, and this version will improve the performance of the video. In order to try the pre-release SDK, you can try adding this URL in your Arduino IDE preference. and install package named 4.0.4-build20230609.

However, as this is a pre-release version and is still under development, it may not be as stable. A stable version of v4.0.4 will be released officially soon. :slight_smile:

Do you really think I am that ignorant ? The board is 3 foot away from the router. The antenna is on the board. Your VIDEO streaming is stopping, the audio is not. How would that be related to the wi fi connection ?

Either fix the issue or issue an RMA#
Insulting me is not good for business.
Trying to sell you next card to me is pointless since the first one I bought (2) does not work is not going to happen.especially if these boards are either not both working within the next few days, or an RMA # is is dispatched for both of these unit, I have already said this before to support.
I either need a solution, or an RMA# for both boards, I am tired of waiting for some support.

SDK 4.03
This is the version I use, the Single Video with Audio example sketch, video freezes after a few minutes, audio is still working. I am wondering if any one else has seen this ?
SingleVideoWithAudio sketch.

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