Power requirements for Bw16 module

I am a hobbyist without any electrical engineering knowledge and am hoping someone can help me understand what would be the power requirements for running a BW16 module that is wired to a Teensy4.1 board? The Teensy 4.1 will draw its power from a computer while acting as an HID device, and communicate back and forth with the BW16 via UART.

Just want to make sure that I understand how I need to wire the BW16 in order to guarantee sufficient power supply, or if an external component is necessary.


Hi @microPC,

To power BW16, you need to connect via the USB C cable to the PC or an external power bank.

Thank you.

Hi @Kelvin_Huang ,

This is rather surprising. Most chips can draw power from other boards they are connected to so long as that second board is connecting to a pc or another power source. Bw16 cannot draw power indirectly this way. That is incredibly inconvenient

Hi @microPC,

I am suggesting the easiest way. What you can try is to connect the GND pins together for the 2 microcontrollers and connect VUSB of AMB82-Mini to VIN of the Teensy 4.1 board.

we have referred the web, Teensy® 4.1
Can you try the followings,

  1. use the VUSB from amb82 to power the board, and connect to the same GND
  2. if not worked, test the board with a micro usb and see if it is functional
  3. if 2 is worked, please try use a voltmeter test the voltage of amb82, see if it is 5v output. if not, it is an HW faulty issue.
  4. if 3 is 5v indeed, should you try measure the current(A) and compare with the operation current of the board.