BW16 as 5v power monitor recorder

Hello All,

This probably sounds like a crazy application.

Getting into cellular connections now for our home internet doing much reading on power specs for various modems. many of these modems simply reside in a cheap usb adapter to m.2 interface this is a very simple setup and cheap,more so than a real router with modem inside it,but,most usb ports only supply 900ma,usb3. Most average modems require 1.5 amps,and burst more.
Is there any way to setup an BW16 to ‘run through’ the usb cable to the modem sled,and monitor and record to a file realtime what the modem is using in amps. Just now purchased a usb power meter,Just to get my head around what is going on, ,don’t have it yet. Wanting some sort of recording,setup,for an entire day.Thus maybe the BW16 as an intermediary.

simple method would be to cut open a cable and solder a 1 ohm resistor in series with the 5V line, then measure the voltage drop across the resistor, which is proportional to current.

Another way would be to use a Hall-effect current sensor instead of a resistor.

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Thank You for the suggestions. I probably didn’t give very good details.

I am wanting to record real time over a 24 hour period,into a text file what a given usb WWAN modem is drawing.
Were I am going with this,is, After trying several different manufactuer modems,am wanting to get a built in compact power supply,into like a decomissioned chromebox. Without putting a infra red heat gun on them,didn’t have it available…some get very hot even in a finned aluminum enclosure
Am going to rig up a Y cable to leverage two usb ports to power one usb to m.2 adapter.
Am certain one usb port simply will not be enough amperage once the modem is out in hot sun.
Sometimes the given modem will stop showing up in modem manager even though the power light is lit. If the temperatures stay cool outside,it is never a problem, In the end wanting to stay away from having to put a powered usb hub into the mix,to cut down on clutter,and more equipment.
Just trying to learn something from this.