Newbie BW16C Power Supply Issue

Hi all,
I am using the BW16 (arduino ide) for the very first time. I have successfully uploaded the Blink program.
After breadboarding the bw16, I powered it by 3.3V first. Then I tried 5 volts. Both these voltages were supplied at the headers along with GND. However the bw16 only worked when I connect the usb cable i.e. from 5 vdc from the usb connector.
I have looked at the available data on the internet but could not figure out what is happening.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi @azhaque,

Maybe you can take a look at the information below provided in the B&T datasheet?

May I know what kind of voltage supply that you are using? And is there any indicator about the input current being higher than 500mA?

To download the full datasheet, you can go to this link: and search for BW16 type C.

I have successfully powered the bw16c with power supplied from bw16.

Thanks dakamaster,
The issue was resolved and the bw16 is happily blinking at 1Hz with power being supplied thru the Vin and Ground pins.
Thanks also for the other info.

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Dear @azhaque ,

Glad that it works! Thanks for your update~