Platform IO support?

Are arduino tools and libraries for Ameba IOT, suported in Platform IO environment (inside VS code)…
if so, are there any tutorials available ? to enable Ameba IOT board support in platform IO.

OS : UBUNTU 20.01
IDE : VS code
Tool: Arduino IDE + Platform IO
Also windows 10 user

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the Arduino cores and libraries for the Ameba development boards are not yet supported in the PlatformIO VSCode extension. You will have to use the Arduino IDE to compile and upload your project code, but it is still possible to use VSCode as a code editor.

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Came here to say this - lack of first-class PlatformIO support from the Ameba product team is what’s putting me off from choosing Ameba for my next project.

This is a highly requested feature in Ameba space, see:

There are also 3rd party attempts to integrate the Ameba SDK to PlatformIO but no completions e.g:

PlatformIO is really a hot thing in MCU development now.
Failure to provide PlatformIO wrapping for SDK is to be left behind.

I like the Ameba chip; please consider official PIO support!

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the feedback, I will be sure to forward it up to the product team.
To clarify, is the requested feature to support the Arduino cores in PlatformIO, or the current GCC C SDK?

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The current GCC C SDK. It’s common that a Microcontroller’s C SDK gives full control and access to powerful tooling, but takes a significant amount of local environment setup to make use of. Conversely; Arduino is very easy to set up - because the toolchain has been packaged in a standardised way - but the Arduino platform comes with some designed-in limitations (it’s supposed to be suitable for beginners). With PlatformIO, you get the best of both worlds; a board/chips full, intended development environment, just made available through a standardised ‘PlatformIO’ format that can be used from VSCode, JetBrain’s CLion, Command-line and other tools. I hope I’ve explained that well enough, suffice to say, check out PlatformIO, it’s really making waves in the hobbyist/microcontroller space.

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Thank you @Christopher_Hatton for your suggestions, we will look into the possibility with PlatformIO, stay tuned for updates~