Can I build the AmebaZ2 SDK in a MacOS environment?


We are planning to undertake an IoT-related project using the AmebaZ2 board.

We are currently using a MacBook Pro M1 as our development laptop, and we would like to know if it’s possible to develop with the AmebaZ2 source code in the MacBook environment.

We have searched for information on this but haven’t found much. Could you please advise if it’s possible to develop with the AmebaZ2 on a MacBook environment?

Thank you for your guidance.

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Hi @ClassicIoT ,

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  1. You could find AmebaZ2 SDK on GitHub: GitHub - ambiot/ambz2_sdk: sdk for amebaz2.

  2. When you locate to ambz2_sdk/project/realtek_amebaz2_v0_example/GCC-RELEASE/Makefile, you may find that the toolchain only supporting Windows Cygwin, MINGW32 and Linux as highlighted below:

Therefore, the answer is currently you are not able to develop AmebaZ2 on a MacBook environment.

Thank you.

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Hi @dakamaster

Thank you for your response.

Although I left an inquiry in case there might be another way, it seems there is no alternative. :joy:

It has been decided within the team to proceed with development by setting up in a Linux environment.

Thank you.