How to use opencv with amb82-mini


I want to use opencv with amb82-mini
I would appreciate any hints or advices on how to accomplish this feat.


hey me too.
I need opencv for text overlay on RTSP video

Hi @dallim30 @pcw0915,

For now, our board does not support OpenCV.

@pcw0915 We have an API called VideoStreamOverlay; you can use it to do text overlay on RTSP video.

You can refer to this API document for more information.

I’ve already seen that post. Most of the links to github examples are not accessible.

Hi @pcw0915,

Please refer to the links:

We will fix the documentation soon.

Thank you.

We’ve already seen those examples. What I need is to overlay information such as the current time or current frame in text at the bottom of the RTSP.

Hi @pcw0915, please refer to this example here. I hope that it can help you at this moment. Recently, NTPClient Library is added into the Arduino SDK and will be released in our next release, 4.0.6 ( I have tried to overlay the time on the video stream using StreamRTSP->VideoOnly example. Hope it helps! :slight_smile: (1.3 KB)

THX It works very good!


Hello, @pammyleong ! How to set the system time without using the RTSP module in standart SDK for working with osd?