How to setup opencv c++ library on arduino ide

I want to use opencv with amb82-mini
My build tool is the Arduino IDE for windows.
Can you tell me how to setup opencv c++ library on arduino ide?
I would appreciate any hints or advices on how to accomplish this feat.


Hi @dallim30,

May I know what is your use case for using opencv with amb82-mini? Which image processing feature are you needing? There may be other ways to achieve it, even without using opencv library, so just want to check first with you.

Thank you.

I’ll be to use it to edit camera images and to do some inference using OpenCV for eye tracking.
So, I am looking for hints for the below question.
(1) How to cross compile opencv for ARM device (ARM v8M MCU)?
(2) How to use opencv library to my ARM device


Hi @dallim30 , I will bring this up internally to discuss and see if it is feasible to allow OpenCV to use with AMB82-Mini . However, it may take some time for us to support. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I hope OpenCV can be used on AMB82-mini. and I look forward to hearing good news from you soon.