Ntp server to get time

I want to get date time from NTP server or whatever approach to be able to timestamp photo written to SD card.
How to do it?

Hi @AI_Test,

We have example saving JPEG to SD card,

May I know if you mean having a text overlay (Timestamp) on each snapshot?
Previously, a user asked for text overlay on video stream as well. It should be the same for the snapshot.

You can take this as a reference.

thanks for your answer.
I only need to get the time synced to a NTP server.
Does it mean i need to wait for the next arduino sdk release to be able to use Ntpclient librairy?

Hi @AI_Test

We will release this feature in the next release. But for now, you can use the pre release version first.

Input https://github.com/ambiot/ambpro2_arduino/raw/dev/Arduino_package/package_realtek_amebapro2_early_index.json in Preference and install 4.0.6-build20231220. NTP related API and demo will be included in this pre release.