How to reduce the latency of video streams when the internet speed is slow?

Hello everyone, I am using ambmini and custom AI tracking models for specific object recognition and position tracking. I have found that when I use VLC media player to view video streams, there is a delay of nearly 5S or more. Can I configure some items to achieve higher real-time performance? Although my wireless network speed is relatively poor, I hope to ensure real-time tracking as much as possible, even if there is local cache or TF card before slowly uploading to devices such as computers. I wonder if there is a way to optimize the delay during live streaming

refer to Multimedia – RTSP Streaming – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions
You can update the VLC “Caching time” to be “1000ms” to reduce some delay. Other than that, improve the internet is the best way. I suggest using your cellphone as hotspot.

I have set VLC to 1000ms by default. I will try using my phone’s hotspot as a network connection. Thank you for your reply

I have the same setting as you, 1000ms and phone hotspot. the latency is very small.
So, I don’t think it is an internet issue.
Could you try a default AI example to compare?