AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera Arduino Dev. board RTSP streaming latency improvements?

Hi, I am using the public SDK, and I am wondering if H.264 can be configured for low latency by using settings such as zero-latency and sliced-based encoding on this chip/sdk?


Hi @Benjamin_Gatti ,

  1. Could you please specify which public SDK you are using:

  2. For the video streaming example, there is a setting regarding the lower buffering time in the information-receiving end (PC) VLC software. This could limit the streaming to zero latency. I believe switching to other streaming platforms might have similar settings.


  3. Sliced-based encoding protocol is not provided at the lower HW level. You can refer to the guide here for more HW specs information in " Key Features & Specifications of Realtek AMB82-Mini" section:

Thank you.

I am testing the ArduinoSDK,
I tried 0ms Caching, and still latency was more than 1 second.
We are getting much lower latency with the Continuous JPEG option, however the quality might improve if we could use h.265.

Is WebRTC supported?

P.S. I have requested the NDA SDK … here’s hoping?

Thanks for your reply.

The method of changing caching time is only modifying the receiving end.

During signal transmission, the transmission buffer, and network condition might be the factors that influence the final latency.

  • Therefore, you could adjust parameters like frame rate (FPS), data rate (BPS), resolution, encoder type, and _jpeg_qlevel (JPEG quality level) to find the best personal setup for signal transmission end.
  • Besides, you could switch the board from STA mode to AP mode for better network connection quality.

You may refer to the link here for WebRTC example:

WebRTC feature will be added to Arduino SDK soon once we have enough manpower.