Delay in RTSP Stream AMB82 Mini

My RTSP stream object detection loop using amb82 mini is very laggy, and there is delay of about 5 seconds on actual and streamed video


It is known that there will be slight delay for Object Detection. To reduce the latency, you need to change the caching time in VLC, however, a lower cache time will result in reduced video latency but may introduce playback stuttering in the case of poor network conditions.

You can check the quality of your WiFi Network. It could be one of the factor that is causing the delay. You can try connecting to the hotspot from your phone to see if it helps.

Then why you people put this device into market ? Such a pathetic experience , there are audio pin but no support in sdk for audio playback on speaker, Even the main functionality which is video streaming is not working properly , there are delays, disconnects and many more on a 4Mbps stable connection , even using rtsp. You people can’t even manage to stream video over http like esp32 cam which is way more smooth, responsive and almost free from delay in any network conditions. Really I’m very disappionted.
Recently I was in a project exhibition, where i embed this device on a robocar , and faced a lot of embaracement because your video stream was not running. I’m really sorry that I’m writing this but it is what it is , you people must not have launched this board before proper optimizations of atleast basic funcationalities.

I have played with fps , resolution , vlc caching etc etc , nothing works