Hello! I want use websocket AMB82 MINI

Hi everyone.

Please recommend a websocket library that can be used on the AMB82 MINI board.
Currently, the ArduinoHttpClient library can be used, but there is a problem and a different library must be used.

Thank you.

Hi @anewgate,

Can you elaborate more on what problem you are facing?

Thank you.

The websocket provided by ArduinoHttpClient requires a constructor when creating an object.
I am creating a websocket object dynamically, but this part is problematic.

For example, if there is a constructor, you should use it like the code below.

WebSocketClinet client = WebSocketClinet(wifi, host, port);

But I want to use it later without initializing the object.


void someEventListener(){
client = WebSocketClinet(wifi, host, port);

I would like to use it in the same way as above.

I tried the following, but an error occurs.

WebSocketClinet *client;

void someEventListener(){
client = new WebSocketClinet(wifi, host, port);
client->begin(…); <---- Error occurred!

Thanks for reading.

Hi @anewgate, thank you for your feedback, currently this feature is still not available yet. We will internally discuss if this can be added to our future workplan.

Thank you.

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