AMB82-MINI Sample HTTP Post please

Firstly, thank you for creating AMB82-MINI. its a very great board.

Im trying to create my own arduino code out from the examples that was given. but there isn’t seem an example that will make send the image via POST request to a server.

I tried looking at the library here: HttpClient Class – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

but the example given is only for “GET” request.

Are you able to help me out to show a snippet on how to send the image via POST?
I am on this line that captures the image

Camera.getImage(CHANNEL, &img_addr, &img_len);

can you show me a sample POST please?
my Arduino coding is basic, but im able to understand it.
i tried chatGPT, but it gave me the wrong library, it uses HTTPClient instead of HttpClient (note the uppercase and lowercase difference)

thank you

Ok, i think i found an example of a POST in this link ( but its using WifiClient instead of HttpClient.

that’s fine with me, however, i was wondering is it really necesarry to save the image first onto the SD card before sending it over via POST?

can we not send the image that is captured by this line below directly to a server via POST?
Camera.getImage(CHANNEL, &img_addr, &img_len);

Hi @dragonflysg,
Yes, it is feasible. Could you please raise the proposed modifications via a GitHub Pull Request, we will verify your modification and get back to you.
Thank you.