Get error while running all-cluster-example on RTL8722DM MINI


I’m new to RTL8722DM and trying to run the Matter all-cluster example on RTL8722DM MINI EVB. I’ve built the CHIP example code and generated the images using this guide.

After successfully flashing the images on the board using Image-tool, when I started the board I received the below logs


interface 0 is initialized
interface 1 is initialized

Initializing WIFI …
WIFI initialized

init_thread(58), Available heap 0x19f40chip[DL] All Clusters Demo!
dct_init success
dct_init2 success
dct_register_module chip-factory success
dct_register_module chip-config success
dct_register_module chip-counters success
dct_register_module2 chip-fabric-1 success
dct_register_module2 chip-fabric-2 success
dct_register_module2 chip-fabric-3 success
dct_register_module2 chip-fabric-4 success
dct_register_module2 chip-fabric-5 success
dct_register_module chip-acl success
dct_register_module chip-groupmsgcounters success
dct_register_module chip-attributes success
dct_register_module chip-bindingtable success
dct_register_module chip-ota success
dct_register_module chip-failsafe success
dct_register_module chip-sessionresumption success
dct_register_module chip-deviceinfoprovider success
dct_register_module chip-groupdataprovider success
dct_register_module chip-others success
dct_register_module2 chip-others2 success
checkExist key=reboot-count found.
chip[DL] getPref_u32_new: chip-counters/reboot-count failed

chip[DL] Configuration Manager initialization failed: Error Device Layer:0x000002
chip[DL] DeviceManagerInit() - ERROR!

However, I am able to operate the AT commands similar to the factory firmware. But as seen from the logs, the Matter app is not started yet and stops during the device initialization.

Did I miss anything during the flashing of the image using Image-tool may be like a flash address or something. Kindly suggest a way out of this error.

Hi @ankit.chauhan

As you may know, the Matter protocol is still in BETA mode and it won’t release the first stable version until Fall this year. Thus many things may change without notifying the users, rendering example code unstable for the time being.

Please try again when Matter is finally release. Before that, we also can not support any further~

Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I run the same example on a different platform and was able to test the device so I thought I may be able to run that example on my RTL EVB too.

Thanks for the support.

One way to test is to roll back the repo to a older version when it was just added, that version shoud be a working version. but I also haven’t tested yet, so I can’t guarantee it would work

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve tested with the older repo but did not get success.

Do you get any other updates on the new repo? It may resolve the issue.