RTL8735B crashed during running RTSPFaceDetection (stack overflow)

Hi all,

During running the example RTSPFaceDetection, I’ve encountered the following problem:

====== Before crashed ======
Since I’ve encountered the “Permission Denied” error, I’ve opened the Arduino IDE with “Run as Administrator”
It ran smoothly first, so I tried to test its running time.
I tried to shake it to see how good it could do detection,
but after few seconds, the program crashed.

====== Output after crashed ======
(The following output comes from Arduino Serial Monitor)

20:39:16.692 -> === stack overflow === 
20:39:16.692 -> Task name : , TCB : 71bfcf60
20:39:16.692 -> PSP 703d8590 PSPLIM 703c8620
20:39:16.692 -> MSP 20003fa8 MSPLIM 20003000
20:39:16.692 -> ====================== 
20:39:16.692 -> === stack overflow === 
20:39:16.692 -> Task name : , TCB : 71bfcf60
20:39:16.692 -> PSP 03d8590 PSPLIM 703c8620
20:39:16.692 -> 
20:39:16.692 -> Bus Fault: 
20:39:16.692 -> SCB Configurable Fault Status Reg = 0x00000100
20:39:16.692 -> 
20:39:16.736 -> Bus Fault Status: 
20:39:16.736 -> BusFault Address Reg is invalid(Asyn. BusFault)
20:39:16.736 -> Instruction bus error
20:39:16.736 -> 
20:39:16.736 -> S-domain exception from Handler mode
20:39:16.736 -> Hard Fault: H

====== Hardware & environment ======
Compiling operating system: Windows 11, version 22H2
Arduino version: version 2.0.4 (run by administrator)
Development board: Ameba RTL8735B
Camera module: XCF PA-FP0171-A-00
Using own cellphone WIFI hotspot

Thank you !

Hi @diegochencoconut,

May I know which Arduino SDK version you are using? Also, could you provide the complete log for me to take a look? Thank you!

Dear pammyleong:

Unfortunately I’m unable to give a full console log right now

I’m now using v4.0.2 of Realtek Ameba Boards (32-bit Arm v8M@500MHz)
Hope this could help you


Sure, let me take a look and get back to you!

Hi @diegochencoconut,

I have tried the example on Windows 11 with SDK version 4.0.2. I didn’t get any hard fault, may I know how long you ran the example before the program crashed?

Dear pammyleong,

I believe it was less then 10 minutes.