Easy wificonfig APP quit unexpectedly or crash

I use Arduino SDK (Realtek Ameba Boards 3.1.7b), example use as BLEWiFiConfig, get the WiFiConfig APP (Version 2.1.8) form play store and mobile phone andriod version is 13, after run the APP and tap for search the bluethood, APP quit unexpectedly or crash,how can I solve this problem, I need to use this APP for setting the WiFi connect, Thanks.

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Dear @yithwe ,

Welcome to AmebaIoT Family.
Upon verification, we could reproduce this issue. Thanks for reporting, we will inform relevant team to further investigate on this issue.

Hi @yithwe,
This issue has been fixed in the latest APP update v2.1.9.
Could you please download and reverify whether this issue still occurs in your environment?
Thank you.

It’s OK, Thanks.