Do Arduino SDK has OTA over internet,FTP?

Can AMB82-Mini perform OTA via internet ?
or Need to sign NDA ?


Hi @SamT, yes AMB82 Mini can perform OTA however this feature is not implemented into Arduino SDK yet. It is still under discussion.


Just here to say that I’m also interrested by this feature.

To me, a IoT device like the AMB82 without OTA is simply useless…

Thank you !

Hi @StatikS, Could you provide a brief introduction of your project that requires OTA feature? Thank you


I’m planning to develop a remote solar camera for agriculture and looking for a platform like the AMB82. We need live HD streaming, I2C sensors , image storing on SD cards, OTA updates and planning to use ML for some applications.

OTA will be used to update the camera firmware remotely via WiFi or GSM network. I’m pretty sure that others will need that feature too.

I’ve buyed 2 development boards to start but I have a commercial product in mind. To be honest, AMB82 is a really interresting platform, but it seems that basics functions are missing, obsolete or buggy, and your team needs more resources to make the AMB82 a wonderful platform with a lot of resources, examples and users.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

Anyway, thanks all for your hard work, I wish you the best !

Hi @StatikS ,

Thank you for your feedback. We are working towards making AMB82-Mini to be more user-friendly to developers. OTA feature will be part of our schedule.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

If you faced any technical issues, you may post on the forum, and we will try our best to assist you as long as there is sufficient information for us to work with.

I have to agree with your assessment that the Arduino SDK is seriously lacking in basic functionality. After only a couple of hours I can clearly see it is not ready for commercial use.