Talking about BW16 cloud upgrade firmware? !谈论下BW16 云端升级固件问题?!

Hi @scream,

Currently, AmebaD Arduino SDK is only supporting OTA via Local Area Network (LAN).
You can refer to the link here for example code and the doc here as a guide.

Note that the link to our SDK is currently in our /dev branch, the new release version v3.1.6 with the OTA feature is still under QC currently.

Thank you for your reply! At present, in order to facilitate the later maintenance of our project, we are very concerned about this cloud upgrade function! I am honored to use your BW16 products, and hope your company will give support!

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Hi @scream,

Thank you for your support on BW16. I will inform you again once the 3.1.6 official SDK is released.
Do let us know again if you encountered any trouble using the OTA feature.

[Error] :
项目使用了 750332 字节,占用了 (35%) 程序存储空间。最大为 2097152 字节。
[main] Default input parameters 2 usage: %UserProfile%\Desktop\OTA_All.bin
[Error] Fail to open file %UserProfile%\Desktop\OTA_All.bin

@scream 您好,

[main] Default input parameters 2 usage: %UserProfile%\Desktop\OTA_All.bin
[Error] Fail to open file %UserProfile%\Desktop\OTA_All.bin
两行报错说明在您的电脑桌面上无法找到OTA_All.bin 文件.

但是刚才确认了一下,因为还在开发内测阶段,目前官网文档和最近更新的tool还没有同步。请按照下面的步骤生成OTA固件(这部分没有更新到官网上)后,将新的固件放在新建的 tools/misc 文件夹中。完整路径请参考 Github Pull Request platform.txt 中的高亮部分。

明天会更新一版新的 tool 和文档来解决这个报错。

Generate Cloud OTA Image

Steps to generate a Cloud OTA image are as follows:

  1. Compile user’s sketch. “km0_km4_image2.bin” will be generated upon Arduino’s sketch Verify (compilation) process done in the file path below:
    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_d_tools\x.x.x. This file will be used as the source binary to be converted to an OTA binary later.

  2. Retrieve the “ImageTool.exe” from GitHub ambd_sdk:
    ambd_sdk/tools/AmebaD/Image_Tool at dev · ambiot/ambd_sdk · GitHub, double click to open it.

  3. Select “OTA_All” as Generate Target type (in red).

  4. Input Image Version, the default value is “0xFFFFFFFF”.

  5. Click Browse button to select target images to be converted to an OTA binary. The address can be ignored. The Memory Layout bar will show the relative positions of the two images. If they overlap, the overlapped area is in red colour for warning.

  6. Click Generate button to specify the name and path of the output file. After the operation is done, the cloud image (OTA_All.bin) is generated at your specified folder.

    We recommend placing it in the default tools folder for Arduino Ameba:
    a. Windows
    b. Linux
    c. MacOS

When navigating to the designated tools folder on your target operating system, create a new folder called “misc” and put the OTA image (OTA_All.bin) within it.

[main] Default input parameters 2 usage: %UserProfile%\Desktop\OTA_All.bin
[Error] Fail to open file %UserProfile%\Desktop\OTA_All.bin
上传失败: 上传错误:exit status 1


  • 使用 SDK 版本
  • Arduino IDE 窗口的完整报错信息
  • tools/misc 文件夹截图
  • 使用的 OTA_All.bin

从您给出的log信息这边初步怀疑是因为sdk使用的platform.txt 文件和OTA tools mismatch造成的。


您好 @scream
AmebaD SDK v3.1.6 新版本最近剛剛升級,正式支持 OTA 功能。 您可以試一下。