Combining ObjectDetection and AudioClassification doesnt work


I using AMB82-MINI with Arduino IDE.

Im using your I example ObjectDetectionLoop.

I need a way to signal when i want the code to do something, so i merged in your AudioClassification example in with the ObjectDetectionLoop example, so that i can make some sound to trigger events in the code.

Both ObjectDetection and AudioClassification works correctly when run separately.

However when i merge the AudioClassification code into the ObjectDetectionLoop, i get the following error in the AudioClassification set up code (that gets run after the ObjectDetectionLoop setup):

12:13:57.582 → VIPLite Drv version 1.12.0

12:13:57.582 → Deploy YAMNET

12:13:57.582 → error: vipnn not applied

12:13:57.722 → error: vipnn not applied

12:13:57.806 → error: vipnn not applied

12:13:57.938 → error: vipnn not applied

12:13:58.033 → error: vipnn not applied

12:13:58.112 → input 0 dim 15600 1 0 0, data format=1, quant_format=0, none-quant

12:13:58.112 → ouput 0 dim 521 1 0 0error: vipnn not applied

12:13:58.112 → , data format=1, none-quant

12:13:58.112 → ouput 1 dim 64 96 0 0, data format=1, none-quan

When this error happens, the ObjectDetection stops working (doesnt detect any objects anymore in the video stream) but the AudioClassification still works.

I just want to use the models from the examples, i dont want to train any new models.

Anybody have idea on how to fix so both work together?


Hi @nsmith1024,

You may refer to this Github link for reference on writing the code. (AudioNN + ObjDet · Issue #171 · ambiot/ambpro2_arduino · GitHub)

Thank you.

Your documentation says to copy a file to the SD card. To do that should i use Linux or windows to copy the file? Which file format is it?


Hi @nsmith1024,

It does not matter whether it is Linux or Windows.

Object Detection:
Face Detection:
Face Recognition:
Audio Classification:
Image Classification:

Thank you.