Error: vipnn not applied on amb82 mini

Hi, I’m having issue with AmebaNN examples.
I can do normal blink and RTSP stream.
but when running any AmebaNN examples,
I will get the stream with only video, but not any results.
I’ve go through forums and online search, but nothing comes up.
amb82 API also didn’t mention this error message.

Hi @ricky_huang,

It could be that the model that you are using is too big in size.

You can increase the ram size for NN by navigating to …\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\hardware\AmebaPro2\ {SDK VERSION}\variants\ameba_amb82-mini\linker_scripts\gcc and edit amebapro2_ram_arduino.ld.

Change NN_SIZE from 16 to 32 and try again.

Thanks for helping @pammyleong.
Too sad I’ve tried today and it didn’t work, I also change it to 64 just for trying.
I wonder if the problem is with different computer or amb82 mini itself,
I’ve run all examples with different computer and board before,
but not with this setup.
Idk if I mess up the yolo models in common nn folder or something…(no it resets when you reinstall the board manager)

Hi @ricky_huang,

May I know what is the set up you are referring to? And which SDK version are you currently using?

Yes, once you reinstall the board, the common nn folder will not be messed up.

Hi, @pammyleong
I’m using the 4.0.6 ver of Realtek Ameba Boards library.
With the newest arduino ide.
The set up difference is because I got a new computer with clean system, so I reinstalled everything and get a new amb82 mini, which was not used by me before.

Hi @ricky_huang, I tested on v4.0.6 and using IDE v2.3.0 and win10. and I am able to run the example successfully.

Can I confirm the following,

  1. You are running default example without changing any parameters?
  2. Could you screenshot your tools folders after compiling for me .

Thank you.