AMB82 MINI Read QR Code and Datamatrix while record a video

Hi everyone,
I have to make an application for recording a video at 720p 30fps and at the same time scan a possible QR Code or Datamatrix that is positioned in front of the camera, is it possible to do this with AMB82? If a QR Code or Datamatrix code is detected I must also send it via serial to another microcontroller. I saw that there is already an example for recording the video, do you also have an example for the QR Code and the Datamatrix?

There are 2 methods that can be able to achieve your request currently.
1, training your QR model models and use AI method to do it. It is kind of like an object detection.
2, try to record the snap short and apply some image processing.

Do you have an example or a guide for the two solution?


I need to buy over 5000 pcs every year if i can find the qr code while recording video

Hi @Ivan,

For now, we do not have any examples that are related to QR code scanning.

However, could you provide the following information for us to discuss internally to see if it is feasible to add it to our SDK?

  1. Please briefly explain the application or project that you are implementing with a QR code scanner.
  2. Please provide a clear and concise description of the outcome you are expecting.

Thank you!

We make a smart personal locker that is in outdoor envoirment.

We need a camera to record a video of the courier that delivery the parcel and at the same time we need to detect the tracking number in front of the parcel through it Datamatrix or QR Code label.

Here you can see a video

The video quality need to be 720p and 30fps or more, we tried your example of AMB81-MINI and it was very good.

Now we need to integrate the part of QR Code and Datamatrix detection and we need support to do this, then we can use your processors in our application to mass production.


Thank you for your reply. I will inform you the outcome after our discussion.