AMB82-mini description

Before the AMB82-mini, I programmed on the NRF52832, I really liked that the site has a complete description of the functions for each SDK (Nordic Semiconductor Infocenter), a forum where developers help solve a serious issue (Nordic Q&A - Nordic DevZone - Nordic DevZone), and guides which are fewer than in the RTL8735 (Bluetooth low energy Characteristics, a beginner's tutorial - Bluetooth low energy - nRF5 SDK guides - Nordic DevZone).
Trying to switch to AMB82-mini, I ran into a lot of problems due to the fact that I don’t know how to work with it. There is no datasheet, no description of SDK functions, no guides, three examples of the HUGE functionality of the chip. If you want this chip to become widespread, give people at least something other than a 40-page module description and SDK, which is not clear how to work with.

Hi @gkirill,

I understand your frustration in development. We are trying our best to improve as much as possible in terms of documentation. Standard SDK is not fully open source and done by our team. We can only help to ask the team in charge of this. If you require full support, you may request for NDA. [Buying IC/ NDA SDK related]

Hello, @Kelvin_Huang!

We filled out the form, but did not receive a response, you can check this.