AMB82 MINI Getting Start Documents

Hi, I have a AMB82 MINI board and I would like to try RTOS SDK on AMB82 MINI. Where I can get related resources, like Gettin Start/SDK User Guide. If possible, I would like to try RTSP streaming example first. Thanks.

Hi @Hsieh_Eric ,

Welcome to AmebaIoT Forum and thanks for choosing the AMB82-MINI board.

Currently, RTOS SDK (I am not sure whether you are indicating the Arduino SDK since our lower lever is RTOS based) can be found here/Gettin Start/SDK User Guide.

Video-related example guides can be found via this link.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed using AMB82-MINI.

Hi @dakamaster

May I use THIS SDK to try AMB82 MINI?
If yes, THIS DOC is enough to try RTSP streaming and understand How API works with low level driver?

Hi @Hsieh_Eric ,

  1. Yes, the link you pasted is directed to Ameba Pro2 standard SDK. It compiles using cmake with some inbuild examples for trial.

  2. I think you may follow the guide in Chapter 6 to set up the environment for Ameba Pro2 standard SDK on your PC.

    Then follow the cmake commands to build target examples.

  3. There is an easier way to access RTSP streaming which is via Arduino environment. We have provided:

Thank you