AMB82-mini camera settings (bightness, sharpness etc.)


can you please let us know how to change the camera settings like zoom, brightness, contrast, sharpness etc.

i guess it’s currently not implemented in the 4.0.5 release. static configuation via .h or .cpp would we enough for now.

Why: because of the lighting conditions (can’t change the brightness of the LEDs) in my setup, the video is over exposed and my custom object detection doesn’t work properly. Of yourse i could retrain everything but having control over the settings would be nice

Please advise


Hi @moschtrain,

We have just added these features to our Arduino SDK last week and have yet to release. However, you can find the code in our GitHub dev branch (GitHub - ambiot/ambpro2_arduino: AmebaPro2 Arduino third-party package SDK). This will be released in our next release, 4.0.6.

Example : ambpro2_arduino/Arduino_package/hardware/libraries/Multimedia/examples/ISPControl at dev · ambiot/ambpro2_arduino · GitHub

Image tuning API can be found in VideoStream.cpp/.h (ambpro2_arduino/Arduino_package/hardware/libraries/Multimedia/src/VideoStream.cpp at dev · ambiot/ambpro2_arduino · GitHub)

Meanwhile, if you would like to try this feature, replace libraries-> Multimedia → src → VideoStream.cpp & .h as well as cores-> video_drv.c & video_drv.h. You may also refer to this commit to see what files needed to be changed: Add ISP Control API and Examples (#174) · ambiot/ambpro2_arduino@7ca4ffe · GitHub

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Many thanks for the quick and great help. Tested it, works as expected.


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