AMB82 Audio + JPEG Streaming

I’m diving into a project with the AMB82 board where I need to grab a bunch of photos and some audio, then shoot the photos over to a server. The server’s going to do its thing and send back an audio file. I’ve hit a couple of snags though and could really use some advice:

  1. Capturing Multiple Images & Selecting the Sharpest: How do I go about taking several images in a row and then sift through them to keep only the least blurry one? I’m guessing there’s some trick to evaluating image sharpness.

  2. Consistent Upload Speed Issue: It’s a bit puzzling, but whether I’m uploading in chunks of 16kb or 32kb, my video (around 8mb) takes the same time to upload, about 7-8 seconds. What could be causing this lack of speed difference?

  3. Playing Audio from SD Card: After getting an audio file back from the server via a GET Request, I’m scratching my head on how to play it. I couldn’t find any examples of audio playback from the SD card. I’ve got a Grove Mp4 Audio player module, but it seems like I’m out of luck since it needs a Software Serial Library that the AMB82 doesn’t support. Any ideas on how I could work around this?

Would really appreciate any insights or pointers you folks might have. Thanks a ton in advance.

1, AMB82-mini currently do not have any image processing function for application level.
2, is it looks like some issue during the network application level.
3, it is not supported yet. coming soon for future SDK.
Refer to SDK GitHub - ambiot/ambpro2_arduino: AmebaPro2 Arduino third-party package SDK for latest update