Play Audio In headphones using AMB82 mini

I have an amb82 mini board, I have connected audio jack to DAC and GND Pin and successfully streamed audio from vlc player of my laptop to my headphones connected to audio jack. Now I have an audio file , for example audio.mp3 placed in root directory of my sd card. I want that sd card audio file to play on headphones, how can i achieve this. Please help me with sample code or guidelines to achieve this functionality. Thanks


Currently we are tied up with quite a bit of work, we understand that this feature is requested on our github repo too. Please do give us some time to work on it. I would recommend that you can give it a try to develop this by referring to this example in AmebaD Arduino SDK. This is an example of playing back wav file from SD card in AmebaD boards. You may refer to the code and try to port this feature over to AMB82-Mini.

If you face any issues during development, do let us know.

Thank you.


I am trying to do so.
Thanks @Kelvin_Huang for your response.

Yes would be nice to get schematic and code how to play sound with amb82 mini ;
I Believe its very important for the success of the board even before AI.

I would love if you could work on this

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Yes I have tried but can’t succeed because of libraries conflict in amb23 and amb82 mini. Please raise issue on github repo, so that they consider this feature in upcoming update.


We can put it into our plans, but we are limited in our resources now. Completing this feature in 1-2 weeks is not possible. For now, I would suggest that if you really need this feature, you use AmebaD boards first.

Thank you.