WIFI Networks not detected - ScanNetworks example

Received the Mini recently and after some issue with getting the SDK installed I am now testing.

Started with “SingleVideoWithAudio”. Wifi never connected using the correct credentials and the same credentials I am using on an esp32 project.

Changed to the “ScanNetworks” example and found the Mini does not detect ANY networks.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem. Is there a specific version of the WIFI.h required?

** Scan Networks **
RFE type = 0
start_addr=(0x4000), end_addr=(0x8000), buffer_size=(0x4000), smp_number_max=(2048)

number of available networks:0
Scanning available networks…

Hi @theCelt ,

May I know which SDK version are you using?

Also, ensure that you have attached the Dualband Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) ipex antenna to the board.

Well, I’m an idiot… To use to working with esp32 that does not need an antenna. Works great now.


Your support is good.

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