User Manual for AmebaD


The Standard SDK : Download – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions page refers to the application note instead of the user manual. Where can I download User manual?

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Hi @dmitriy2004
User Manual is currently not available for download at the moment.

May I know what information you need from the user manual? I will see what I can do

We are currently developing a new device (medical), based on a module with rtl8722. Therefore, I need information on how to work with RTC, GPIO, ADC, Timers, I2C, LCD, Key-Scan, uart, wifi.

We plan our own code on one core, which controls the hardware part of the device, and on the second we work with wifi, the user interface (LCD, web server)

Or is it best to receive the full SDK through NDA from Realtek?

Hi, yes, the full SDK not only has more source code as compared to opensource sdk(compiled lib), it will also give you more documentation enough for any development. The User Manuel for RTL8722DM contains 500 pages with detailes on all the peripherals