Use Of Wifi / Ble dual connectivity in IOT #day11_AmebaIOT

Almost all / most of the IOT controllers available in the market have both Bluetooth as well as Wifi.
And most of the designers, makers, users, make use of only one connectivity in their project / products, while other connectivity remains un used.
We can use BLE as a way to communicate between devices, i.e forming a mesh network, and also reduce power consumption, While, WiFi can be used as a method to communicate to server over internet.
By using such methods in places where density of IOT devices are more, the advantages are :

  1. Each device can take turns to communicate with server over wifi, rather than all devices competing over bandwidth and channels to communicate with server at same time.
  2. Hence, reduction in possiblity of connectivity loss and data loss
  3. We can improve battery operational hours for every device in that location.
  4. Wifi gateway / Router will have bandwidth availble even for other devices (human users)
  5. OTA’s can also be shared locally, once a single device downloads it, rather than all devices fething from server.
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