The sensitivity problem of rtl8720dn

I want to test the sensitivity of the chip in signaling mode by the instrument of CMW500.It is found that the bit error rate is 5.5% at the receiving level at -40dBm, and less than 2% at the receiving level at -80dBm. Please help to check what the problem is.

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Hi @chen ,

Thanks for reaching out to us, could you kindly provide information as follows so our engineers can understand your situation better?

  • data rate
  • channel
  • BW
  • Test setup & procedure



Test step: signal gen–>Signaling(WLAN)
2.setting–>standard:IEEE 802.11b;BW:20MHz; channel:1;
3.After connecting the instrument, click on WLAN1 PER for sensitivity test
Below are pictures of the test steps and results

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It seems the device and Instrument are not paired successfully
yet, Rx Sensitivity test can be done with RTK in-house MP tool.

may we know your company location? do you know if any NDA between your company and RTK?
if so, we could advise the local team/ AE to support you directly

We should not have NDK with RTL。 The MP tool is tested in non-signaling mode,we can not measure real usage

@xidameng hi,is there any other way to test the correct sensitivity?

Hi @chen , without more detailes, its hard to troubleshoot for you

Hi,to test antenna performance,it need to be run OTA test in a dark room.Have you done a case like this?

Hi @chen
may we know if it is standard module of RTL8720DN ?
can you please help to provide pics of RTL8720DN?
meanwhile, can you provide test log as well?

thank you

Hi, @chen
can you pls share with us about these info?

  • company
  • corresponding email

thank you