Starting June 20, 2024 the legacy Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) APIs will be discontinued


I had received some update info from firebase. Please refer the attach image.

We had/released a project which using the standard SDK “Standard SDK: Release History – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions”.
We use :
(1) APIs as in the “example_google.c” .
(2) Push message as in the “Ameba Arduino: [RTL8195AM] [RTL8710AF] Use Firebase to push messaging services – Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions

Do we/you need a new/revised Ameba SDK for this firebase update ?

Thank you !

Dear @Vic,

Thanks for your notification that Firebase is no longer supporting its FCM services. I will verify the example “example_google.c” again and report back to the internal test and dev team to see whether we need to make any necessary updates.

However, I think currently we don’t have any changes on this example yet.

Thanks again.

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Dear dakamaster,

I am very appreciated for your response.

Our solution use (1)“example_google.c” and (2)fcm push notification on the Ameba side.

(1)I had just built a simple/separate project which use only “example_google.c”. Try to wait if I’ll receive a warning email from firebase.

(2)For fcm, my main reference is your sample code. ( It works well for a long time. But this method does use the legacy FCM APIs. It’s really not easy for me to migrate it ( ) Maybe you team could help to revise the fcm sample to V1 version.



Dear dakamaster,

I think I am close to finish the FCM migration…(I hope so…)

My board: Ameba
SDK: “00010055-sdk-ameba-v4.0c”.

In this system , httpc_request_write_header() will get system crash if header >= ~200 bytes.
But the new fcm message, there will be a large header " Authorization: Bearer ya29.ElqKBGN2Ri_Uz...HnS_uNreA", which > 1024 Bytes.

Any suggestion method for this ?