Will "googlenest" be inclueded in the "ambd_sdk-dev"?

AMB23 rtl8722dm
Dear Sir,
We are user from “amb1_sdk-master” to “ambd_sdk-dev”.
And now, we are using “ambd_sdk-dev” + “AMB23”(https://www.amebaiot.com/en/amebad/#rtk_amb23)

All the functions had been migrated, except the “google firebase realtime database”. Actually, we are using examples of “amb1_sdk-master\component\common\example\googlenest”.

However, these is no googlenest example/lib in “ambd_sdk-dev”.

Does AMEBA IoT plan to include this “googlenest” in the future release?
If not, any suggestions for a similar solution?

Thank you !

Thank you for the question and sorry for the late reply. Currently, for ambd_sdk-dev, it is a stale SDK. So, it will not have update.