[Sharing] Ameba RTL8722DM TensorFlow Lite “Magic Wand” Example

Demo TensorFlow Lite "Magic Wand" Example on Ameba RTL8722DM-mini

AIoT combines the concepts of the two leading sects AI and IoT which gradually came into being as a new trend.

This video, as the last series of Tensor Flow Lite providing deep learning models for RTL8722DM embedded systems, simply demos how the algorithm model calculates and evaluates the real-time data of the additional “accelerometer sensor” to predict the shape of the user’s drawing.

Required Materials:

- Ameba D RTL8722 CSM/DM/DM-mini


- Adafruit LSM9DS1


A detailed schematic can be found on our official website. The final connected view of Magic Wand examples is shown below for RTL8722DM:

and final view for RTL8722DM-mini:

Lastly, for any questions regarding this example, feel free to leave a comment below and discuss it with us.

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Due to model limitations, only three basic graphics can be recognized at present. For guys who want to know more about this example, please feel free to read the documents on our Ameba official website:

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