Running Tensorflow Lite keyword recognition on RTL8722DM

Managed to port the Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers library to run on the RTL8722DM, here it is running the keyword recognition example using the onboard microphone and the RTL8722DM hardware audio codec to record audio samples.

Although it can only recognize “yes” and “no” currently, it is possible to train a Tensorflow model to recognize more keywords with speech datasets available online.


Cool! :+1:

Machine Learning on microcontroller :star_struck:

@Salmanfarisvp @vinayyn

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Great :ok_hand:, @wyy can you share the ported library?

@Salmanfarisvp This ML example and library will be released shortly on Arduino platform together with other exciting ML examples, we have to test them thoroughly before releasing to the public, so stay tuned! :sunglasses:

PS: Next release announcement will be made here on this forum too :wink:

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Cool :star_struck::+1:. eagerly waiting.