[Sharing] Ameba RTL8722DM TensorFlow Lite "Hello World" Example

How to Run TensorFlow Lite "Hello World" on Ameba RTL8722DM

Please take a look at the newly released tutorial video for TensorFlow Lite “Hello World” Example running on Ameba RTL8722DM.

This example is already supported by our official website for both RTL8722DM and RTL8722DM_mini boards (I have put the links in the “Related Links” section below). This video gives some background information on how the Tensor Flow “Hello World” example trained a model that is able to generate a signal to trigger the LED blinking, as shown in the flowchart below:


The purpose of this video is not to talk about Machine Learning itself, for whoever is interested in learning more about either Machine Learning or TensorFlow, feel free to check the websites below, where a detailed explanation of how to create a model is given (link is in the “Related Links” section below).

For any questions on this example, feel free to leave a comment below and discuss it with us.

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