[Sharing] Ameba RTL8722DM LVGL Widgets Demo

Hi fellows, RTL8722 is now supporting LVGL (Light and Versatile Graphic Interface). :tada:
A demo video is available here: Ameba RTL8722DM LVGL Widgets Demo GUI (320x240) - YouTube

LVGL is a GUI library for embedded systems with easy-to-use graphical elements, beautiful visual effects, and a low memory footprint. If you don’t know LVGL yet, please visit this website: https://lvgl.io/​ and Ameba Offical Website Realtek IoT/Wi-Fi MCU Solutions for more information!!

Please feel free to leave a message here if you wish to know more :smile: !


how to use dma to draw lvgl of tft?
i use hardwave spi to draw lvgl is too slow…
can you help me?


@Yung-Chuan_Huang Hi, if you are interested in DMA application, here is a sample code for your perusal

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I use another methods to solve this problem.


Do you mind sharing your method with the community so everybody learning ameba can benefit from your sharing~ :smiley:

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Does someone use LCDC in 16bit mode?
I set LCDC into MCU 16bit mode. It doesn’t work.

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This LVGL demo uses SPI interface if I am not mistaken… so its not using LCDC

SPI interface is faster than LCDC MCU 8bit mode?

it has not been tested, but the SPI interface is definitely enough for a 320x240 TFT LCD display

Interesting, is there any application note for standard SDK where in can reference ?

Application Note only mention about peripheral specs regarding SPI and LCDC, but not specifically on LCD control with SPI, the above demo was using the LVGL default arduino example right out of the box, you may wanna test it out if you are interested :slight_smile: