RTL8722DM LCDC MCU 16bit doesn't work

SDK is the newest from github.
I test LCDC MCU_trigger_DMA in ambd_sdk\project\realtek_amebaD_va0_example\example_sources\LCDC.
If MCULCDBitMode is configured MCU_LCD_16BIT_IF, the screen shows random code.
If MCULCDBitMode is configured MCU_LCD_8BIT_IF, the screen is displayed correctly.
Does someone use LCDC in 16bit mode?

Any info about the model of the LCD display used?

IPS display. IC is ILI9481. 320 * 480.
The display works well.

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LCDC MCU 16-bit mode is not supported for RTL8722DM, only 8-bit mode is supported

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Thank you very much.