Self Introduction of Me

Hi All,

I am Aditaya and IOT enthusiast.
I like to apply IOT to Health and Home automation.
Having an Experience with ESP32 and Arduino Zero Ameba board interests me due to their functionalities and hardware features.
I have an extensive experience in IT sector and currently working with a reputed firm.


Hi @Aditaya_Garg
Good to know that you have strong enthusiasm and a strong background in the IoT field. :smile: :open_mouth:
Hope you find useful information from the Ameba IoT community~
Maybe you could share your past IoT experiences here as your wish~

Hi @Aditaya_Garg , welcome to the Ameba IoT community~ :smiley:

Which Ameba board are you interested in and how is your experience using it?

Hi @xidameng

I was looking out for solutions that provide Security features like Secure boot and Firmware Encryption for on chip Flash. So came across Ameba RTL8722DM. I am still analyzing the Datasheet for Firmware Encryption for on chip flash.
As per the experience, I never had a chance of using any of the Ameba boards. But hoping to use one soon :slight_smile:

Glad you found what you need on ameba RTL8722DM, yes you are right, this SoC does provide all the security features you mentioned and even more, to know more about it, you may refer to the datasheet or the application note available for download on the official website at,