HELLO - New here, just my intro

HI, i’m VYBHAV NAG, just completed B.E in Electrical & Electronics, been a freelancer and electronics enthusiast from a long time… (From Bengaluu, INDIA)
Came across Ameba IOT on instagram and looks like a very promising solution for most IOT solutions, that im working on…

some of my intrests:
Analog electronics
Embedded electronics
RC vehicles & robots

Happy to be in the form and help fello enthusiast & community :wink:



Welcome to the Ameba family and this forum, we hope you will find what you need here and someday help others to find what they need. Be sure to to view this page for the forum rules and resources for developing on Ameba boards.

Welcome @vybhav_nag

This is Simon here, nice talking to you today~