RTL8710BN + Enable SSL use embedtls error

Dear everyone,
My name is Giang. I’m working with RTL8710BN base on sdk-ameba-v4.0b_without_NDA_GCC_V1.0.0

I’m facing an error when I had enabled SSL use embedtls.

Could you help me config/enable SSL for RTL8710BN?

Giang N

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@JohnNguyen Hi,

Thanks for reaching out to us, please note that RTL8710BN is a Ameba Z series MCU and the

is not meant for this MCU, thus unable to properly configure for it.

To get a working SDK dedicated for Ameba Z, you may contact Realtek’s sales team for complete SDK after signing NDA.

Hope this clear your doubts~

Here is a photo for your reference

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Hi Xidameng,
Thanks for your answer.
You mean if I want to use mebedtls for RTL8710BN, I have to contact sale to get SDK with NDA, then I will develop SSL MQTT feature on RTL8710BN. is this right?

Giang N

Hi, first of all, the SDK you were using is not for this SoC, thus issues are bound to happen.

As there is currently no open-source SDK for this IC

Access to the corresponding SDK as well as technical support will only be available through the Realtek FAE after signing the NDA.

This is not exclusive to mbedtls but all other features that requires configurations.

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Also may I know how you obtain this SDK?

Dear xidameng,

as you said, after signing NDA, I will be provided SDK for SoC RTL8710BN with all features?

Also may I know how you obtain this SDK?

I find out them on a forum.


Giang N

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