RTL8722DM(AMB21) MQTT example configuration setup problem

I started development with Standard SDK on AMB21 evaluation board.
I follow the readme.txt in MQTT example(component\common\example\mqtt) to set up the example, except the step 1, others are configured, how do I add patch files to paths?

Hi @Po_Quan_Hsieh,

You can actually skip step 1. However, you need to go to ambd_sdk/project/realtek_amebaD_va0_example/GCC-RELEASE/project_hp and
make menuconfig to enable MQTT on the board.

Hi @daphwl,
My development environment is based on IAR, instead of GCC.
Could you provide IAR setting method? Thanks.

For IAR, you can also skip step 1. For step 2 and step 3, just follow the readme.txt.

For step 4,

  • as shown in the picture below, under the application folder right click on the mqtt folder and select options

  • Uncheck exclude from build, then press ok

You can skip step 5 as it is for GCC environment.

Hi @daphwl ,
Thanks for your help, after following your hints, the example MQTT works fine.

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