Portable AP+Client

I am looking for Arduino IDE and/or Visual Studio libraries for programming a RTL8720DN DEV board with a 320x240 TFT Display as a portable AP+Client. I would like to manipulate/control the 2.4GHz & 5GHz radios individually such as assigning devices, automatic/manual channel controls, etc. My intended uses for this project is to first setup a private network for testing purposes, then graduate on to building a wireless mesh network. I also would like to add on the capability of wardriving by including a GPS and Cellular modules at a later date.

Hi @casper89d

Not sure what kindof lib you are talking about, but there are plenty of existing arduino example out there if you just wanna set up your own AP and client with a TFT display,

alternatively, you can check out a project I have built using a TFT display,

but none actually cover individual radio & channel manipulation for dual band devices

it depends on what kind of manipulation you need, if you are talking about controling the WiFi packets and frames, then the current open source SDKs does not support that.