Realtek AMB82 + DISPLAY + Hibernation Display


I am interested in buying a REALTEK AMB82, thanks to its great fluidity and low latency. My idea is to do something like this
A camera connected to a screen that when you press the button, can show at the moment that you see on the screen, but after 1 minutes the screen turns off automatically. But the camera is on and sending signal by RTSP (low bitrate) to a Home Assistant. I can’t find any project or any person who has done something similar.

On the other hand, could the camera be replaced by a higher grade OV2640?

It depends on if I find any project or someone who can help me to buy this board, since the price is a bit expensive.

Thank you very much


:fire: Welcome to the AmebaIoT Forum, and thank you for your inquiry. I’d like to respond to each one individually.

First and foremost, we would want to express our appreciation for your initiative in developing such an intriguing project, and we eagerly await the completion of your work.

Unfortunately, the AMB82-MINI does not support lens swapping currently. Could you please explain why you choose OV2640 over JXF37?

We have some exciting news for you: we are now hosting a free AMB82-MINI board giveaway event. This topic has been updated with the event rules [Feel free to use Google translate to understand the rules~].

You are welcome to construct a GitHub project based on the concepts in this post and share it with our AmebaIoT Community FB Group. Then, by gathering GitHub Stars and Facebook Post Likes, you will have a chance to win the prize. :rofl:

Thank you and keep in touch.


Thank you for your answer.

The problem is that my programming level with ARDUINO, is very low. So I am looking to make a little frankestein and that someone can help me to generate it.

I don’t know if there is any screen compatible with this board.

I choose OV2640, because the cable that connects the camera to the board is too short and I have a 160º camera. But I have no preference.

I don’t know, I love the board, but it’s hard for me to get into a project and then I don’t get to generate any “project” finally.


Feel free to share your idea on our AmebaIoT Facebook pages.
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This platform is teeming with makers who can provide input on your project, and some might be able to contribute.

As for the event that @dakamaster mentioned earlier, you are welcome to add this idea to a GitHub Repository with “Ameba” included in your project name and share it on Facebook and you will be entitled to a chance to win the board. :slight_smile:

One of the submissions by participants:
Facebook post link: Ameba IoT 開發社群[RTL8722/RTL8195/RTL8710/...] | Squalo AI Shark Detection System 工作正在进行中 #我要amb82 Per ardua ad mare (To the ocean, through hard work)
GitHub Link: GitHub - ajsb85/ Shark Detection System 🦈