Promiscuous mode

Hi all,

I want to use the BW16 to detect the RSSI of devices in the channel. However, I cannot find any information about this in the forum. I know the ESP32 could achieve the promiscuous mode function and get the RSSI by the packet. I need some help with this issue. Thanks!

Hi @user1

Promiscuous mode is not available when using Arduino IDE. You should refer to the Standard SDK WiFi API for configuring promiscuous mode and reading data.

Thank @wyy for the reply. I read the document. Do we have some examples for setting promiscuous mode and reading data?

@user1 the default compiled firmware should include promiscuous mode, which can be accessed by the ATWM AT command. The code for the AT command can be seen here, and it triggers promisc mode by calling APIs here.


FL0WL0W’s implementation seems to be quite good as well. It can be a useful reference.

@wyy @FL0WL0W Thank you. I’ll try it.

Good job! :+1: