About WiFi promisc mode promisc_callback function BUG

1.setup wifi in promisc mode.
2.set wifi monitor channel in 5G band,eg:44.
3.wait frame comming.
4.got the frame,and get the frame type(rtw_rx_type_t:is suuported or not) (use userdata parameter,it`s a ieee80211_frame_info_t struct).

but the type field is incorrect,but in the 2.4g band, it`s correct.
// setup code
// promisc_callback code

// console log

// the buf data analysis

PS:use IAR compiler will happend, changed GCC compiler it`s ok.

It seems that the IAR compiler optimize is causing problems, and the optimization of each version of IAR is not quite the same. What is the version used? As far as I know, Realtek was using version 8.x before. You can use the same IAR version they used at the beginning to solve the problem.

i use IAR 8.40.2

I found that the version of the IAR compiler on github is 8.30 or maybe this version can solved you problem

i have tried all the versions, such as 8.32.1,8.30.1,but all of them were failed to work.
i changed to use GCC dev.

when use gcc ,also has a bug,but not about type field,its about rssi field ,some times the rssi value is zero, but the rssi will not be zero. thats strange.